28 September 2017

Successful representation of the customer’s interests in the civil case on allotment of the land plot being in common partial ownership

In March of the present year a lawsuit on behalf of our customer – an individual person, co-owner of the agricultural land plot of size 15 hectares was filed by the lawyers of BYWORD CONSULTING about allotment of the land plot being in common partial ownership and declaration of title for the allotted property.

The mentioned land plot was inherited by our customer in 2015 together with other heirs who remained indifferent to management of the property that belong to them on the right of common partial ownership. Numerous proposals of our customer as to further common management and use of the land plot were left unattended by other co-owners. Under such circumstances our customer was not able to exercise her right of common partial ownership for the land plot properly, to lease out the belonging to her part, cultivate it etc.



Having thoroughly studied the information and available documents in the case, the lawyers of BYWORD CONSULTING defined their clear legal position which they substantiated with confidence and defended in the court. Already at the end of June of the present year the claims were satisfied completely by the court – the client’s land plot of size almost 11 hectares was allotted to her and the right of private ownership was recognized to the newly formed land plot. Upon the judgment coming into effect, the experts of BYWORD CONSULTING accompanied the process of state registration of title to the newly formed land plot that was successfully finished in September.

Finally, the customer is satisfied and the team of BYWORD CONSULTING is thankful for the manifested trust and is ready for new challenges.

The Managing Partner Oleg Kovba and the Lawyer of the firm Hlib Tymofiiuk worked over the case.

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