byword FOR

Mission and Values


To create new business opportunities for our customers and help them make the most of their potential to implement business ideas.





  • We are good at what we do and we enjoy it;
  • We have a sound understanding of what our customers do and respect this;
  • We believe that every customer is unique and requires individual attention;
  • We believe that mutual trust and mutual respect is the key to successful cooperation;
  • The interests and satisfaction of the customers are our highest priority;
  • We have an optimistic view of things and believe that there are no unsolvable problems.


The philosophy of our company has absorbed all the values that we practice in relation to our love of work, to our customers, and to life in general.

Our philosophy can be described as follows.

We are a firm with deep roots, established traditions and considerable experience in what we do. However, we are not afraid to experiment, continually develop and learn new things.

We possess a mastery of word, and by applying it in practice we can provide the best possible solution to the problems set before us.

The world is wide, all people are different. Perhaps it is impossible to be perfect or the best for everyone and every situation. Some appreciate speed above all, some – quality, some – cost, some – loyalty, some – privacy, some – prestige, some – all of these listed above, or perhaps in various combinations.

However, in seeking a perfect and harmonious development we seek to be an undisputed symbol in our customers and partners eyes and the personification of exactly those qualities that they value most.

Our philosophy is reflected in the company’s name and its logo.


Byword word is taken from the English language.

In particular, it is used in the sense of «proverb», i.e. a short statement, which carries a moral, a hint, a statement of truth tested over time - things that have endured through the centuries, but are still relevant today.

Also, it is used in the sense of «symbol», «synonym», «embodiment», «personification» of something extraordinary, the best in its class.

Thus, the word «byword» does not refer specifically to an object, which it characterizes indirectly, but applies and hints that the subject is extraordinary and outstanding, standing from apart the «gray mass» of the mundane.



If the word byword is broken down into components (by + word), it tells us about the specifics of the company’s activity, which lies within the meaning of word, that is, the ability to solve tasks with words (both oral and written: the enforcement of laws, speeches in court, preparation of documents, etc.).


In addition, the name phonetically encourages to buy (buy + word) that is the subject of the company’s activity, namely the work of the word in its broadest sense.


The graphic combination, which is located above the phrase «BYWORD CONSULTING», is made in the form of shark fin among ocean waves, symbolizing an iron grip, power and quick response to unusual situations.

When viewed from different angles this graphical combination creates a visual illusion of:

Ship with sails filled, a symbol of the relentless movement toward the goal

Bird that flies in height, which represents soaring upwards, continuous personal growth

Surfer on a board, that represents the ability to keep balance in difficult situations

Iceberg, that represents strength, power of thought, restraint and prudence

Mountain as a symbol of stability and sensibility of position

Fire, symbolizing energy

Magician’s hat as the personification of magically ridding the customers of problems